Our Scouts

Bigpoint scouts accompany you as an up-and-coming player as well as your parents during the most important phase of your professional career – before it really gets going! Their keen instinct as qualified sports scientists and experienced scouts is the foundation of the professional work that we do for you. Our scouts regularly observe your games and, if necessary, your training, too. They analyse your sporting potential, show you your strengths, motivate you and – much more importantly – offer you constructive criticism so that you keep getting better and better! Besides all that, they talk to you and your parents and exchange information with club coaches and coaches from the German Football Association (DFB) national youth teams. Besides appraising talented players, intensively swapping information ranks among the most important tasks of Bigpoint scouts.

  • Thomas Hoersen
  • Novak Zilic 
  • Marcel Handlos
  • Christoph Köhnen
  • Entoni Krasniqi
  • Sebastian Friedering
  • Milovan Radenkovic
  • Felix Umminger
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