Why Bigpoint?

Because you only get one chance!

Nothing comes down to chance in a successful professional football career! There's a pretty narrow window for getting yourself on track for a successful transition into the professional scene! Precisely the right decisions need to be made at precisely the right time! The "Bigpoints" need to happen, as we say. Because ultimately the "Bigpoints" are what decide whether you can live your dream!

1. Bigpoint: The optimal player consultancy
2. Bigpoint: The best training camp
3. Bigpoint: The first professional contract
4. Bigpoint: A top contract or transfer
5. Bigpoint: A successful career after the playing career

For many years your parents, close relatives or family friends have been best placed to nurture your talent. No doubt they've made numerous sacrifices and invested a fair bit of time and money because they firmly believe in you. And for this we have the utmost respect! 

You shouldn't take the next crucial steps alone – it's time for the professionals to provide support! Together – hand in hand – we'll plan your career, nurture your talent and cultivate your personality. Just for you and with an eye on the future! We at Bigpoint have the right strategy for you together with years of experience and the contacts necessary to make your career successful!

We're your Bigpoint!

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