by your side!

Our strategy is very simple. With us it's all about you! Whether as a professional player in the modern football industry or as a highly talented up-and-coming player who, on a daily basis, needs to focus on their development as a player alongside their school work – your career demands your full attention! We've got you covered so that you can give your best performance game after game. We're by your side in every key area of your football career and support you in the most active way. Both as an athlete and as a person!

From the outset we focus on a positive cooperation with your family because the opinion of those closest to you is important to us. We examine countless games, conduct video analyses and provide sports consulting services to improve your individual capabilities.

We work closely and professionally with clubs and keep a close eye on the transfer market. We utilise our comprehensive overview of the market when selecting the club with the best sporting and financial prospects both in Germany and abroad. The modern world of professional football requires personalities. We give you the strength to go your own way and prepare you for contact with the media.

To accomplish all of this for you, we put our extensive network of various partners and experts at your disposal: sports medicine including performance diagnostics, mental coaching, VIP terms for lifestyle products, licensed players’ agents and agencies outside Germany, sporting goods manufacturers, insurance providers, banks, hotels, media and a great deal more! Full details can be found under "Services".

We're your Bigpoint!

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